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Why We Only Work with Selected Authors

Most people would love to be an author, but fewer than 1% of the world has published a book. In such a highly competitive world, it’s no longer enough to have business success and a high level of education. If you want to stand out and establish your credentials immediately, get in touch with the Book launchers team today using the contact form below. 

Please note, that we do have an application process and we only work with about 5% of the folks who apply. This is because we are not the service for everyone – we are a high-touch, full-service team. That said, we do want to support you in whatever way we can, so please reach out no matter what you need and we’ll be able to direct you to resources if we’re not a strong fit to have a conversation and help you with your book project. 

Selected Authors


You don’t just have to take our word for it. We’ve helped hundreds of clients create, publish, launch, and market their non-fiction books in the US and Canada. Take a look at what they’ve got to say about us!

The best things about working with Book Launchers were the expertise, experience, care, love, and diligence they put into every aspect of bringing my book to completion.  They were so much more than just a business partner, they were family.

Patrick Touhey

My book hit bestseller in 4 different categories on Amazon. Book Launchers is my team for life!

Becca Powers


Here’s a sample of some of our most successful projects. All of our writers own 100% of their book, never lose creative control, and (obviously) keep every cent of their royalties.