Launch Your Book & Build Your Brand All At Once.

We can help turn your non-fiction book from a mere concept into a real book your niche audience will want to read.

Launch Your Book & Build Your Brand All At Once.

We can help turn your non-fiction book from a mere concept into a real book your niche audience will want to read.
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Highly Accredited Book Publishing Services

As the experts in book production services, we have the ideal range of options for you and your market. From the design of your final draft to a comprehensive book launch strategy and beyond, we’ve helped thought leaders and industry experts build their audiences and accelerate their career growth.


“This is the best thing I’ve done in my career and I could not have completed it without Book Launchers. Highly recommended.”

– Ken McGarrie
Author of The Surprise Restaurant Manager

Book publishing can feel overwhelming, but with our proven process, you can feel confident and cared for with each step.

Whatever your niche and whoever your target audience, take your next career step with Book Launchers. We have the experience, the know-how, and the drive to ensure that your book establishes you as an expert in your field.

Check out our range of services, and get in touch if you have any questions or want to take the first step towards literary excellence.

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From book writing and design to non-fiction publishing and creating audiobooks for your audiences, it takes a lot of work (and many different skills) to publish a new book. That’s where Book Launchers comes in. Our range of services combined with our marketing-focused approach means you get unmatched resources accompanied by exceptional quality every time. Take a look through our services, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Self Publishing Services

As specialists in non-fiction publishing, Book Launchers is the ideal partner for turning your book into a tangible resource. We offer what you need and can help you with everything from writing, editing, and book design to launch strategy and long-term marketing. Book Launchers is a full-service professional team whose only goal is your success.

Audio Books

Want to stand out as a professional author and leader in your field? Turning your non-fiction book into an audiobook is hard to beat! Not only does having an audiobook boost your credentials, but it’s also a market that’s growing year on year. With more people listening to audiobooks as they do their chores, or on their commute, your book could be what they’re listening to.

Book to Course Creation

Use your non-fiction book as the foundation of a profit-making course. We can help turn the content of your book into a course students will love. This is one of our most popular book production services for a reason: your book is a platform, and we help you grow that platform to earn you more revenue streams. Build your audience and your profits!


You don’t just have to take our word for it. We’ve helped hundreds of clients create, publish, launch, and market their non-fiction books in the US and Canada. Take a look at what they’ve got to say about us!

My book hit bestseller in 4 different categories on Amazon. Book Launchers is my team for life!

Becca Powers

Book launchers is the real deal! They helped me tremendously in the marketing phase- helping me to increase sales with the book army strategy, create an amazing media kit and landed me several podcasts.  I would HIGHLY recommend Book Launchers!

Brianne Ligori


Here’s a sample of some of our most successful projects. All of our writers own 100% of their book, never lose creative control, and (obviously) keep every cent of their royalties.

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Interested in learning more about how we can help you with every stage of your non-fiction publishing? Get in touch and enjoy a chat with one of our experienced team members. There’s no obligation to use Book Launchers after your chat!


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