5 Ways to Leverage AI for Book Marketing: Achieve More in Less Time

AI is a powerful tool for book marketing. We’ve already talked a lot about content marketing for authors. But the biggest challenges about content marketing remain: What content should you create and how can you have enough time to create that content?

AI is a powerful idea generator and if you want to accelerate your content marketing to sell more books, ChatGPT, Claude or even the newest Gemini by Google could be your new best friend. If you want to use AI to save a lot of time with your book marketing, this article is for you. We will lay down 5 different ideas on how to leverage AI to get more done in significantly less time.

5 Ways to Use AI for Book Marketing

Idea #1: Ask your AI bot of choice how it can help you

Today, you’ll find many NLP-based AI tools you can use to ease content creation. In my case, I’ve tried using ChatGPT repeatedly. But popular as it is—with 100 million active users worldwide—its server was always overloaded. So, I went over to my friend, Jasper AI.

Jasper has three levels of service. For my test, I’ve chosen Boss mode.

Honestly, I think I’m going to keep Jasper around. While the platform is not going to completely replace my brain work anytime soon, it did cut some serious time off me staring at a blank page.

This is extremely useful for me since I’m the kind of person who can work from material really quickly. But a blank page can slow me down like it’s a big, thick puddle of mud that I have to trudge through.

First, I asked Jasper how AI can help an author while requesting its response in the form of a video script.

This is what I got from Jasper:

Are you looking for a creative and efficient way to write your next work of art? Look no further than AI. By incorporating AI into your writing process, you can get more done in less time and improve the quality of your work. Here’s how. Start by researching topics that interest you. Once you have some ideas, use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to mine data from various sources and create content based on your research.

Then, use machine learning (ML) algorithms to automatically generate sentences and paragraphs about the topic at hand. ML models can be trained on past works of literature, so they can recognize patterns in language and generate content that sounds natural and flows well. 

Finally, once you have all the pieces of your story put together, let AI proofreader take a look. And with a little bit of tweaking, you should have a polished piece ready to be shared with the world. AI is quickly revolutionizing the world of writing, making it easier than ever before to craft stories worthy of reading. So don’t be afraid to give it a try. Who knows where it might take you?

Let’s give Jasper a thumbs up.

Now, I would be afraid to try what he suggested because it sounds a lot like writing a book that’s already been written and just changing some of the words around it so it has a different style.

Anyone know what that’s called? Yes, my friends, that’s plagiarism. And it’s going to risk making your writing sound boring.


Because you’re saying something that someone already has said, making it difficult to tell your own story and bring your material to life.

If this is how you’re going to approach it, you will end up with a boring book. And we’re all about #noboringbooks here. But hey, if you’re wondering what AI can do for you, go ahead and ask it.

Idea #2: Ask your AI chatbot for topic ideas

Here’s where I found a ton of value: Asking Jasper for ideas.

Check this out. When I asked Jasper to create a list of 20 video titles for writing a non-fiction book, I got a pretty cool list.

Truth be told, you just might see some of these titles appearing on Book Launcher’s YouTube channel.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of how AI chatbots like Jasper can assist you in generating topic ideas to write for your content marketing.

Idea #3: Ask AI to write the script or the blog post for the topic ideas it generates

After getting the list above, I thought, “Well, maybe Jasper will create that content for me.” So I asked for a video script for that topic.

Try Claude, Jasper, ChatGPT, Gemini and see which one gives you the results you like the best. I love Claude for summarizing and copy. ChatGPT is a great brainstorming partner. Jasper is a good for writing as well. Gemini is new to me but I think it’s a powerful multi-modal tool that you will be able to do a lot with including video and images.

Idea #4: Ask AI for a list of ideas to market your book

While doing the tests above, you can then expand your requests to be more specific than”Give me 10 ideas to market a book.”

Saying, “Give me 10 ideas to market a book about smelly feet, or printing money, or running a marathon.”

See if the ideas are dramatically different for your genre and book subject. This is also where I recommend you play with the different AI platforms for the answers.

Idea #5 Ask your AI to do the research on influencers for you

One way to market your book is to utilize influencer marketing, which got me thinking, “Well, Jasper, who would these influencers be?” So I asked it the clumsily worded, “Identify 20 social media influencers who would promote a book about writing a book.”

Now, Jasper gave me a decent list. If I got any one of these influencers to talk about “Self-Publish & Succeed,” promoting it to their audiences, I would see some pretty great results in terms of traffic and book sales.

I didn’t know a few of the names on this list like Maria Popova, so I went to X (Twitter) to see who she was.

She does promote books and she is a fan of writing. But I don’t think her artistic style would vibe with my book, but who knows? Friendships and relationships can appear in the most interesting of places.

I’ll follow her and I’ll pop in from time to time to see if there are any synergies. For the most part, though, this list was not that useful to me. I mean, Dan Brown? Is he going to be interested in what I have to say in my book or share it with his audience? It doesn’t seem realistic.

However, it was cool to see what you could do with Jasper. It made me think, “Hmm. I wonder if Jasper can get me started on a bookstore list. Should I want to do a local bookstore tour?”

Well, that was interesting because I asked for addresses and store managers of bookstores.

Save time in Research when You Use AI for Book Marketing

I bet you’re starting to see how this could mean big time savings in your book marketing research.

This was with Jasper but ChatGPT and Claude are even more robust these days. Simple prompts can get you great information and you can even ask it to produce it in a table. And, while this round of lists did not give me contact information, I managed to save a whole lot of time that would’ve been spent on Google. Asking your favorite AI search assistant though will garner you websites, location addresses, and even email addresses sometimes though!

Now, if you’re wondering about how to use content marketing to sell your book after reading this article, well, this is the perfect video for you to watch.

If you’re wondering what kind of value an influencer can bring to your book marketing, this video on seven collaboration ideas for working with influencers is the perfect thing.

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AI can be a powerful writing partner too. In this video I explore the powerful AI tool – Dibbly Create to help you write a book outline in no time at all.

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