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At Book Launchers, our clients always come first. Here are just a few examples of what we can accomplish when we work together on your book.

“If it wasn’t for Book Launchers, my manuscript would be unfinished and unpublished, collecting dust in a desk drawer. The staff at Book Launchers not only worked with me to develop a polished, professional manuscript, but focused on building a platform and marketing/sales as well. Most importantly, they really care about their authors.

– Linda Magoon

Live Free and Hike

“Working with Book Launchers has been wonderful! Their team helped me feel confident about my content and message, the book came out BEAUTIFUL and went on to be a #1 Amazon Bestselling title in four categories. They’ve helped me secure media placements, and in general, have been my partner and sounding board for all things publishing. It’s been such a relief knowing I’m not alone in this. I would recommend them to anyone!”

– Kelly Lewis

Tell Her She Can’t

“We really appreciated the in-depth coaching we had each step of the way through getting this book from concept to finished product. For us, the copy edit, fact check, design, and publishing expertise were key! We also enjoyed the marketing support to give our book the exposure it needed.”

– Mark Krikke

You, Me, and AirBnb

Book Launchers exceeded our expectations. The whole team is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are so glad we made the decision to work with them. Our book is so much more than it could ever have been without them!”

– Odille & Steve Remmert

Change What Happened to You

“The best things about working with Book Launchers were the expertise, experience, care, love, and diligence they put into every aspect of bringing my book to completion. They were so much more than just a business partner, they were family.”

– Patrick Touhey

Create Forever Teammates

“Book Launchers is great to work with. They are passionate about the work they do! They took my book from acceptable to professional! They have the know how to guide you through the publishing process and then market the book for maximal exposure.”

– Vimal George

Health in Flames

“Prior to Book Launchers, I thought I had a completed manuscript that just needed a professional to go over it. After going through their process, my manuscript expanded and transformed into a finished product that I am so proud of. I highly recommend this team of professionals and will be a return customer.”

– Nelson Tressler

The Unlucky Sperm Club

“When I published my first book, services like yours were not available. I scratched around, found an excellent editor, worked hard, and it did well, but comparing the end result of that first effort to the quality of my book produced under your team’s content edits, copy edits, proofs, exterior cover design, interior book design and positioning for launching and marketing – there is just no comparison in terms of overall book quality and sales and marketing preparation. I’ll never publish another book without you!”

– Robert Workman

Selling The Most Dangerous Game

“I strongly recommend Book Launchers to any independent author who wants to be supported in producing a book that has the standard and quality of one produced by a big traditional publishing house – but still enjoying full rights over your work! I am deeply grateful for the support and would return to Book Launchers for support if I ever decided to write another book!

– Bruce Scott

14 Steps to Financial Freedom

“I’m very pleased with my experience with Book Launchers! I completed one book with them, and created a second manuscript in quick order with them as well! Every team member really knows what they’re trying to accomplish and they know all of the tips and tricks in the book when it comes to writing and marketing your book!”

– Rachel Johnson Greer

No Dead Babies

“…Working with Book Launchers forced me to finish a refined product in a timely manner.
It was nice having a team that was able to help me think out, plan and execute every inch of my book.
I have a new appreciation for every book I pick up. I learned so much about how a great book is more than just about the content and marketing.”

– Micheal Currie

Landlord By Design 2

“My advice to authors: Spend your time on your book and your business. Engage the pros at Book Launchers to get it published and distributed.
I not only have been gratified (never satisfied) with book sales, but also have benefited with client recruitment for my coaching business. Over just the past two weeks, I have added three clients that equate to about $6,000/month in revenue. Each one contacted me as a direct result of reading my book.
I recommend Book Launchers without reservation.”

– Martin T. Holland

The Profit Problem

“I love working with the entire team at Book Launchers. Every person has an expertise and can advise you in any phase your project may be at. You’ll get the best finished product and fabulous advice from idea to marketing.”

– Cici Castelli

Mindset Unlocked

“Book Launchers was an outstanding partner through the entire process. They were timely, responsive, supportive, and flexible to my needs. Two thumbs up.”

– Sam Nix

Ensure Educational Success

“I came to Book Launchers with an idea for a book, but having no idea where to start. The support I had while writing my book was incredible—writing coaching, distribution planning, creative logistics, and so much more. Such a great investment. Thank you Book Launchers for making my dream a reality!”

– Benjamin Preston

Harness Your Butterflies

“I came to Book Launchers with a finished first draft and a passion to share my message of empowerment through cancer treatment. As a Canadian, I was impressed with the fact that Julie and her team were well versed in both Canadian and US publishing markets. The various experts on the BL team guided me through the book editing, design, distribution and promotion process with professionalism and a great deal of respect. I felt like a full partner in the process throughout and I know without a doubt that I ended up with a much better book, one that I can be truly proud to claim as my own.

– Martha Tettenborn

Hacking Chemo

“The BookLaunchers team provided exceptional service during each stage of my journey. I worked with them from editing to publishing/marketing. Their professionalism and work ethic allowed me to not worry about the backend upload and management of IngramSpark, Amazon, and Goodreads. I would definitely use their service again.”

– Brandi Cox

In Better Hands

“They were amazing and patient, and they really understood my style and ideas. With their help, I could express myself authentically in English, and that was incredible! They made me feel valued. They turned my dream into a real book! The Book Launcher team worked really hard and edited my work to make it the best it could be. They are truly dedicated to excellence.”

– Siavash Fashi

Small Gym Big Results

“Book Launchers has been an incredible help. When I finished the first draft of my book, I had no clue what to do next other than look for an editor. Luckily, I found Book Launchers early on in the process. After my first call with Julie, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Not only did Book Launchers have several in-house editors, but they also would be able to help with cover design, list the book online, set up distribution, and much more.”

– Aaron Nannini

Cash Uncomplicated

“I can’t say enough about the exceptional experience.
Book Launchers not only helped me produce my book from A to Z but also made the journey enjoyable. I highly recommend their services to fellow authors and anyone looking to take their book to the next level. They are amazing partners in the publishing journey.”

– Ryan Franklin

The Christian Leadership Blueprint

“Videos, calls, advice and answer emails, prep for calls, Book Launchers have it all”

– Scott Clancy

Developing Coaching Leaders

“Julie “the book” Broad and her team at Book Launchers are knowledgeable pros that guide you through each step of your independent publishing endeavor, including the unexpected steps! Having an authentic team in your corner make the overwhelming tasks of writing, editing, formatting and perfecting a professional standard book possible and pleasurable. I absolutely recommend BLs, from the proud new author of The Opposite is True.”

– Efren A. Delgado

The Opposite is True

Linda Magoon

Live Free and Hike

Trent Romer

This is Our Home

Suzanne Murray

Skidding into Heaven

“I first met Julie Broad when I attended the Women In Publishing online yearly Workshop. It was a leap for me to sign up and start writing. With stage IV cancer and about to be 70 years old I felt a need to write my story. A project such as this can be overwhelming but with Booklaunchers, they broke it down into bite size sections and I didn’t have to worry about what was next. I would highly recommend Booklaunchers as a partner to completing your project.”