Featured Author Wins! Week of March 5th 2021

From a life-changing book praised by the Midwest Book Review to learning how to nourish a child’s mind on Feed Pray Love, our authors were featured on some incredible media and outlets.


Below are this week’s highlights.




  • Prepare for retirement with advice from Rob Schulz on the Military Money Show. Discover how to achieve successful financial freedom, even if life throws you some curveballs in the meantime. Click here and listen now!


  • Don’t be scared – check out A. Bradley on Geek Cast Radio. An expert in the horror genre, he talks all about storytelling in horror films and why we love things that go bump in the night. Listen here!


  • Tracy Lalonde’s book was reviewed by Midwest Book Review. They named The Joychiever Journey “a life-changing, life-enhancing, life-celebrating read from first page to last.” Read the review here!


  • Midwest Book Review reviewed Suzanne Tulien’s Personal Brand Clarity. It’s praised as “an invaluable instructional guide and manual that should be required reading for anyone seeking a career in business or who aspires to be their own boss.” Check it out here!


  • Lanae St. John’s Read Me: A Parental Primer for “The Talk” was reviewed by Readers Favorite, who praised the book’s approach to “create a positive environment for kids to grow into a healthy sex life that is free of guilt and shame.” Read the review here!


  • If you’re a paranormal fan, you won’t want to miss Richard Lewis on Veritas Radio discussing his book The Paranormal Christian and the coexistence of the paranormal in the Biblical worldview. Listen here!


  • Work on your wellness with Martha Tettenborn on Primal Coach Radio. Martha shares her story of ovarian cancer and how nutrition and lifestyle intervention powered her through chemotherapy. Click here to listen!


  • Parents and teachers, check out Dr. Lorea Martinez Perez on Feed Play Love. Learn how to nourish children’s emotional and social intelligence – an important lesson that academic tests don’t cover. Listen here!
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