If you are writing every day, are you getting any better? A writing coach is key to learning and improving! Book Launchers founder and the self-published and Amazon best selling author, Julie Broad explains why we assign a writing coach to each of our members. She was interviewed by Kingsley Grant on Smooth Career Change podcast

Writing is a Tool That Needs to be Sharpened

A few people are naturally born with a skill to write. The rest of us have to learn. Now some people say “practice makes perfect.” I don’t believe that. We can spend time reading, we can spend time writing and practicing. You can practice for hours every day…

and still be terrible.

Perfect practice makes perfect. For that, you need outside feedback. Unless you are working with someone else, a trainer or a coach, your writing will not likely improve.

A Writing Coach Can Work Wonders

Writing with an editor was a humbling experience. At first, every article I sent her way was destroyed by the red pen. But instead of getting angry or defensive, I learned and I became a better writer.

Writing with a Coach can benefit you in a number of ways:

  1. Accountability to completing your book
  2. Help create a coherent outline and organization for the book
  3. Coach content creation and clarity in each chapter
  4. Give live feedback that can be used in the creation of later chapters
  5. Save time and money by needing fewer edits and rewrites later

If you want to stand out immediately as an expert in your field and get paid more money, you need to have a book. A writing coach is something you can do right from the get-go to create a high-quality book and increase the odds of completing your book.

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