• Cover to Cover Book Review
    Your book is done … but you want a professional to review it from cover to cover and provide insights around:

    • The content inside that is the most marketable (And how to use it in your PR, promotions and book copy),
    • Suggestions for improving the key areas of your book for marketing purposes including ideas to improve Chapter Titles, Introduction, and Cover Copy, if improvements should be made,
    • Your Amazon Author page, the Book Bub page, and your Goodreads Page,
    • Ways to add humor and contrarian marketing to your launch pitches (key to getting the attention of media, podcasters, and other book promoters).

    One of our professional writing coaches will review your book from cover to cover and then spend an hour on the phone discussing your book, it’s marketability and improvements that could be made to help you sell even more copies of your book.

    Allow two weeks for the review to be completed.

  • The Book Boosting Launch
    When your book is done and you need a marketing team to launch it with you

    Our professional marketing and copywriting team will:

    • Draft copy for your Amazon Author Page, Amazon Book Page, Goodreads profile, Book Bub profile, and select other places where you’d like to feature your author bio and book details.
    • Review all book materials and provide a checklist of strengths and areas of recommended improvement,
    • Create a plan for a book boosting launch, including researching Amazon book categories, pricing, and competitive book launch strategies (requires at least 8-12 weeks of lead time from launch date),
    • Complete an industry analysis of metadata and keywords on Amazon and present the best options for your book,
    • Create a press kit (you’ll need to provide a high-quality headshot and rough bio)
    • Help gather book testimonials,
    • Assist you with digital platform review and set up if required (guidance around what should be on your author website, help setting up social media sites),
    • Assist in the identification of bulk buyers, and provide you with some sample approaches to solicit bulk buys of your book,
    • Organize your launch team,
    • Approach industry bloggers and podcasters to get exposure for your book for launch (guaranteed we will approach a minimum of 10, and you’ll receive at least 2 features for launch from our efforts),
    • Approach book reviewers on Amazon to gain reviews in advance of the launch,
    • Set up a Goodreads giveaway and oversee it,
    • Create at least 10 pieces of social media content to use around launch (quizzes, quotes, images, and book highlights).

    There are no guarantees marketing will sell your book. It needs to be well positioned for your audience and every element should be tested before you launch your book … but if you’re confident your book is ready to connect with your ideal readers, we’re ready to help you reach them!

    All of the above is included in the Book Boosting Launch … please allow at least three months to complete all of the above and launch your book.

  • Editing Only
    If you’re a seasoned writer and you’re confident in your ability to establish your author platform and promote your book, you may just want to hire us for editing.

    Our editing only package includes:

    1. A complete cover to cover content review by one of our professional Writing Coaches or Content editors. The editor will review your manuscript to ensure it’s engaging, flows, and is well positioned to reach your target audience. You’ll receive suggestions for adding humor, credibility-boosting stories, or moving content around to increase the impact of your material. If the content editor suggests substantial changes, we’ll include a second content edit to ensure the manuscript is in good shape before we send it to the copy editor.
    2. A complete cover to cover review by our professional copy editor x 2. Our seasoned copy editor will ensure that you have proper sentence structure, your grammar is correct, and you’ve appropriately sourced your content.
    3. A final proofread to make sure that any changes you’ve made after the copy edit haven’t created any new typos or grammar issues.

    Price only valid for manuscripts between 45,000 – 70,000 words.

    If your book is shorter than 45,000 words or longer than 70,000 words, contact us for adjusted pricing. Please allow 2 weeks for each editor to return the manuscript to you. This means we’ll spend 6-8 weeks editing plus the time it takes you to review the edits and return it to us. We might go faster, but it’s smart to allocate 2-3 months to get your manuscript finely tuned and ready for publication.