Be the CEO of your book business – outsource everything to the professionals except your stories and your expertise! We’ve got your back, and the perfect package to help you get your book done.

  • 40 Hours to First Draft
    Work with our Writing Coach to refine your message, uncover a killer hook for your book, and then develop your outline. Once your book outline is crafted, you’re clear on who the ideal audience for your book is, and you’re ready for someone to start writing … it’s over to one of our professional ghostwriters. Expect this to take 3-5 hours working directly with our writing coach, plus another 5-10 hours or so working on your own. This is the essential step to creating a book that will sell and reach your goals, so we don’t want to take any short cuts here.

    With years of experience extracting stories, expertise, and tips from subject matter experts, our ghostwriter will work quickly to research your subject matter, interview you to fill in the gaps, and draft your book. Typically, you can expect to spend roughly 2 hours every week or two on the phone with the writer for your voice to be captured and the book to be written. Usually, 20-30 hours will be enough to get your first draft done.

    Once the first draft of your book is complete, you’ll move into a nine month Book Launchers membership where we will begin with a content edit, two rounds of copy editing, and a proof read, before we develop the interior and cover. When that’s done we’ll get you set up for launch, as our professional copywriter will write the copy for your book, Amazon pages, and other promotional materials. We’ll create your press kit, identify bulk book selling opportunities, solicit Amazon reviews, and much more! We’re not happy until your book is a success, so we’ll dive deep into helping you plan a powerful book launch.

    Any additional months of membership needed for more promotion can be added at the regular monthly rate at the time.

    This package is $18,000 or 6 monthly installments of $3,300. Compare that to what most professional ghostwriters will charge JUST for writing your book and we think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with what Book Launchers can do for you!

    Apply today.

  • The Content Assist
    Need a little boost to get your book done?

    If you’re an existing Book Launchers member, our Ghostwriter will take your existing outline (podcast interviews, transcribed presentations, past blog posts, or course materials) and content to turn it into a first draft.

    This requires a minimum of 30,000 words of existing content OR the ghostwriter’s work will be capped at 30,000 words of writing.

    This is an assist … a way to move your book forward at a quick pace without you having to be too heavily involved at this point.

    We’ll pause your membership while the ghostwriter works on your book.

    If you’d like to know if this is an option for you, please contact your writing coach or your client care specialist.