Generally, once your first draft is complete, you can expect it to be approximately six to nine months before you are launching your book. Every project and author is different though … if you’ve written a clean manuscript, you are quick to respond to our questions and revisions, and you make fast decisions – the process can take much less than six months.

But, if your manuscript needs a lot of work, or you take your time getting back to our team, it can take longer than nine months.

All that said – when you begin with us, we will work with you to create a rough timeline to plan for, and we’ll be working hard to hit the milestones. IF something changes or the project falls behind or gets ahead, we’ll have a meeting with you to recap where the project is at and adjust the timeline if necessary. This timeline allows you the opportunity to step on the gas or relax knowing things are actually going close to plan overall even if one task is not on track.

What you really need to know is this:

Your success and happiness with our service is VERY IMPORTANT to us … so while we do ask you be reasonable in your expectations (great editing takes time and so do eye-catching covers!) if you ever think things are taking too long, or we’re not meeting your expectations, contact Book Launchers President Julie Broad right away. She can always be reached at julie<at> or by calling 1-877-207-7666.

We’re working hard on your manuscript … but good work does take time. And, how quick we can work will always depend on the quantity of words, the complexity of the manuscript, and the quality of materials we’re getting.

Again, every project is different, but here’s a rough estimate of time we’ll take on each task in each of the 5 Phases (remember, not all tasks are applicable to the VIP level membership so allow time for your own providers to do the work on those sections) for an average complexity 65,000 word book:

Pen to Paper

Content Editing – first review: 2 weeks *

Content Editing – second review: 1-2 weeks*


Copy Editing – first review: 4 weeks*

Copy Editing – second review: 2-3 weeks*

Copyright Infringement Review: 1 week

Proofreading: 1 week

**Allow time after each edit for your review … generally editing of a ~65,000 word book takes 3 months including your time to review, rework and revise the manuscript before the editor(s) finalize it all.


Layout Design: 2 weeks

Cover Design – first round of ideas: 1 week

Cover Design – finalize the cover: 1-2 weeks

Account Set Ups: 1 week

Bibliography & Indexing: 2 weeks


Depends on the volume of tasks required and how much step by step support we’re providing. You can be completing many of these tasks (with the support of your Client Care Specialist) while your book is in the hands of the editors. 

If you move to this phase quickly, please allow 4 – 6 weeks to get everything done.

Blogger Outreach: 2 weeks to research and contact the 10 best bloggers to support your book launch with reviews or articles.


Please allow approximately 8-12 weeks to get everything ready for launch.

We’ll continue to support you post-launch as long as you are a Book Launchers member; providing podcast pitching, blogger outreach, media connections, group ad buys, and more. When you no longer need or want our promotional support, you can cancel your membership and we will part ways until you’re ready to write your next book! 🙂