Audiobook Packages


  • Record Ready Assesment: Studio Set Up Testing
  • Script Time Analysis


  •  Production schedule / workflow
  • Creative voice coaching and direction by an award-winning audio editor
  • Studio set up (or studio booking) support


  • Voice direction during recording
  • Editing, mastering, and formatting to meet Audible requirements
  • Quality Control review and changes by rights holder
  • Quality Control Review and Fixes by Audio Producer
  • Final approval sign-off by rights holder
  • ACX and Findaway Voices upload and publishing support
    (guaranteed acceptance to Audible or we rework the files at our cost).

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Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of book publishing. If you want to stand out as a true professional and put your book into a marketplace where you can dominate your niche, producing an audiobook is a must!

You can hire voice talent to read your book, but many non-fiction books are best read by the author themselves. Plus, it creates a great opportunity for you to build trust and credibility in the mind of your reader and listener.

As a service only for our Book Launchers clients, once your manuscript is complete and edited, receive voice coaching and recording prep (or we’ll source professional narration), and then have our exceptional audio book team produce, edit, and master a 5 star quality audio book for you. Book Launchers will set your book up for distribution on audible and other providers, depending on your goals. Your audio book will then be part of the promotional package as we pitch you and your book for media, podcasts, and more.