Michael Currie


The first book I wrote I pieced all the necessary people together to make it happen haphazardly. Although it turned out great, I wanted something more refined for my second book. I have been following Julie Broad since her real estate days and since my book is all about ways to invest in real estate it made sense to get help from her team.
Working with Book Launchers forced me to finish a refined product in a timely manner.
It was nice having a team that was able to help me think out, plan and execute every inch of my book.
I have a new appreciation for every book I pick up. I learned so much about how a great book is more than just about the content and marketing.
It is about the way the book is laid out, fonts, size, writing style, paragraph starting, color of the pages, cover design, what is on the cover and back, etc.
On top of that working with a writing coach helped me become more creative in my new book as well as my blog.
It was great to have so many experts available,
I am super proud of my new book and grateful that Book Launchers was able to guide me every step of the way.
I would definitely recommend them,