Erika Cisneros

Tags: Immigration, Government, Law
Title: Honest Immigration: How to Stay in the United States Legally and Become a Permanent Resident
Publication Date: May 4, 2020
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Book Description:

Immigrating to the US and becoming a legal and permanent resident can be confusing and time consuming. And for victims of mistreatment it can seem like an impossible dream. But there is hope for immigrants—a humanitarian visa.

Immigration attorney Erika Cisneros’ Honest Immigration shares real-life stories of people, just like you, who didn’t realize their personal and work-related mistreatment met the requirements to get a humanitarian visa. Honest Immigration gives the critical immigration visa facts you need to educate yourself, like:

  • The 3 types of humanitarian visas and how to determine if you qualify for one.
  • The encouraging steps toward US citizenship you can take if you are the victim of a violent crime, sexual abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, among others.
  • Know when your immediate family members or children are able to get a humanitarian visa…and when they aren’t.

As an immigrant, you don’t need to live in hiding or fear. You have choices and an opportunity for justice. Honest Immigration is the resource you need to understand your options and create a more fulfilling life…as an American.

Author Bio:

Erika Cisneros, Esq., the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, is a first-generation American on her mother’s side. Growing up in a migrant farm-working family around other undocumented families, she became aware of the lack of Hispanic attorneys helping the Spanish-speaking immigrant community.

After receiving her Juris Doctor degree from Florida State Law School in 2008, she started a law practice dedicated to the complex area of immigration law. As her practice grew, Erika realized that many of the people seeking her help were victims of violent crimes and didn’t know they could apply for a humanitarian visa that would grant them legal permanent residency.

These victimized people became the focus of her practice. Today, Erika provides full-time guidance and assistance focused on obtaining humanitarian visas for mistreated immigrants. Erika practices in Georgia and lives an active and fulfilling life with her husband, Rocky, and son, Camden. For more information, visit