Non-Fiction Writers Retreat 

Time Away with Expert Support to Help You Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book

If you're like me, you wake up thinking about all the things you need to do today. Then, after you wrestle to get your family ready for the day, you finally open your email and find at least three fires to put out before you can do anything else. Writing your book quickly falls to the bottom of the priority list ...

Instead of picturing the chaos of everyday life, now imagine being removed from the day to day demands for a few days. You will work on your book outline, marketing plans, and most importantly - YOU WILL WRITE. You're surrounded by a dozen like minded entrepreneurs cheering you on, a professional writing coach, a social media and PR expert, and a brilliant book marketing expert. 

The venue is in the vibrant neighborhood of Playa Vista ... also called Silicon Beach for it's proximity to the beach and prominence of technology companies. It's less than 15 minutes from LAX and Venice Beach.

It's a closed door session designed to get you writing results and shift you from 'wanting' to write a book to 'getting it done'!

During this exclusive retreat you'll meet 12 other non-fiction writers (who knows ... your perfect promotional partner could be in the room!?). And, you'll work side by side with our professional team to overcome any obstacle you're facing with your book ... and you'll spend solid eight hours writing!  

That's right, we're not lecturing and giving you a bunch of work to do when you get home. We are going to help you brainstorm key elements of your book, discuss the most effective marketing approaches, and do team exercises to get the most powerful book marketing plan possible in place. You will also have one on one time in private offices with any of our experts to help you personally with your book and your marketing plans. And, in between that, we're going to block off time for you to write uninterrupted. Phone calls and texting will be strictly prohibited during writing hours. 

With that kind of support , camaraderie, and forced focus time, you're going to make more progress on your book than you would in 3 months (or even 3 years for some!) on your own. That is like throwing gas on the fire. 

We are not going to say you'll finish your book in 2.5 days (that would be pretty incredible!), but we promise you'll get more done on your book in that time that you've done in months ... possibly years. You'll walk out with complete clarity about your book project, how you're going to best market it when you're done, and a plan of what you need to do to finish your book and get yourself ready for a successful launch.  

When: November 1st - 3rd, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, CA 

Cost: $999 or 3 payments of $349

When you leave the retreat you'll:

  • Feel confident you have the foundation in place for a great book that will appeal to your ideal reader
  • Have your personalized step by step book marketing launch plan
  • Know you have a clear writing schedule to finish your book when you get home
  • Feel excited and energized by all you accomplished in just 2.5 days
  • Know at least 5 ways you'll be able to sell your book and 10x the return on investment in this retreat

Who this is for: 

  • Non-fiction authors with a business or brand building goal 
  • Busy professionals or entrepreneurs who find it difficult to set aside time to work on their book
  • Folks who want to write their book themselves ... but want the support to ensure they are creating a high quality book that will achieve their goals.

You can be in the idea phase of creating your book, or you can be half-way into writing your book. Either way, you'll benefit from this customized writing experience.

Who this is not for: 

If you're not willing to support others or connect with other authors this is not a good fit for you. The Book Launchers community is about lifting others up as we climb, creating massive success for our clients, and fighting the good fight against boring books! 

The approximate schedule is as follows: 

Thursday, November 1st: 5pm - 9pm *includes snacks and appetizers

Friday, November 2nd: 9am - 6pm *includes lunch

Saturday, November 3rd: 9am - 4pm *includes lunch

We will be in touch within 3 weeks of the event to set up your one on one call with our writing coach, collect important information including where you are currently at with your book project, what you want to get out of the retreat, and, any dietary restrictions. 

Your ticket to securing massive progress on your book, and getting the support of some great people is only $999. 

And, if you'd prefer a payment option for your ticket, you can select our 3 monthly instalments of $349.

We are 100% committed to creating a great productive experience for you, and if you attend the full retreat and are unhappy with the experience we'll give you a full refund.

Because there is a lot of scheduling and logistics to work out in advance, we do want you to know our cancellation policy. 

If you cancel before October 15th, we'll issue a 75% refund of the amount you paid. 

After October 15th there will be no refunds. 

Thank you! 

Want to chat with Book Launchers founder Julie Broad about whether the retreat is right for you? Please email us at

Book Launchers  

12655 W Jefferson Blvd, 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90066  

Phone: 1-877-207-7666

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