How Providing Solutions Leads to Success (In Any Industry)

How can providing solutions change your career? This question came up recently in a sit-down with Ian Garlic on his marketing podcast. Book Launchers CEO, Julie Broad was the guest. She shared that her first career out of college was in sales.

“At the time, they coached us to always be closing. And as an introvert, I wasn’t comfortable with that. It felt disingenuous. But I found great success to listen to what my client’s problems were and to provide solutions. And in providing those solutions I sold a lot of goods.”

As Julie’s career progressed, she moved from a successful sales career to full-time investing in real estate. In the process of investing, teaching and coaching, she ran into many people with questions and finally wrote a book to provide the answers.

What resulted was the best-selling book, More than Cashflow. It was a book filled with the good, bad and ugly of real estate investing, providing real-world examples and solutions for people thinking of dipping a toe into the market. The book hit number one overall on because it filled a need for prospective buyers.

How Providing Solutions Led to the Creation of Book Launchers

With the success of More than Cashflow, Julie soon found herself inundated with publishing questions. How had she managed to get a self-published book to the top of the charts? How could a new author do the same? She began to shoot videos to supply those answers. The videos went viral.

A few years later, as Julie was looking around for her next challenge, providing solutions in the self-publishing world became the obvious choice. Book Launchers was created in 2017 and has an exciting roster of authors eager to publish their first books.

For the full article and more examples of how Julie Broad used providing solutions as her path to success in three careers, click on the video above.

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