Join Our Team as Our Media Coordinator

Even if you have never worked in book publishing before … if you love books and you love staying on top of the latest media trends, channels, and outlets, this might be a great role for you. If you get excited about making new connections, a great day is one where you’ve put the spotlight on a client, and you’ve found a cool way to do outreach on behalf of an author then you definitely will like what we have to say! We are hiring, and while it’s part-time to begin, we can move it to full-time fairly quickly if you get results, and being full-time is important to you.

What is your role?

You will be our in-house media and outreach guru.

Your primary point of contact will be our Book Marketing Manager. You’ll play a very integral part in our clients’ book marketing campaign as your role is to help our authors find their readers and sell their books through strategic media placement with a focus on podcasts, blogs, print, and broadcast media! You will work with our marketing department to brainstorm and strategize on each client’s books and brand to find the ideal media outlets to target.

Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals to publish high-quality non-fiction books.  But, this is not a traditional publishing company. Our authors retain all control and ownership over the content and keep all royalties. We provide the team and the guidance to help our authors not only write and publish but also to achieve their business objectives through their book. It’s not just about selling books (although we help guide them through how to sell books too!).  It’s about using a book to build a business, boost a brand, become a recognized expert all while sharing valuable expertise and experience with others.

Your role is important because you’ll be an essential part of landing media opportunities for our clients and building relationships with outlets, editorial teams, and coordinators.

Our process has five phases:

  • Pen to Paper (Writing Your Book)
  • Process (Editing)
  • Publishing (Design, Layout, & Set Up with Printing and Distribution)
  • Platform (Building the business around the book including website, social media, and other services offered around the book)
  • Promote (Selling the book).

You’ll play a very important role in the Publishing and Promotion phases.

Specific Tasks May Include:

      1. Connect with outlets, media bookers, and reporters to develop relationships that will make our pitching easier.
      2. Craft compelling pitches that land new media opportunities to feature a client’s book or client as an expert.
      3. Identity and pitch targeted media outlets that will bring our client’s books to audiences that must know about them.
      4. Prep authors for media interviews including preparation of pre-interview details sheets, camera or audio interview readiness and how to follow up.
      5. Strategize with the marketing team on each client to come up with new pitch angles.
      6. Create monthly pitch reports for clients and the team to demonstrate objectives and deliverables reached.
      7. Identify and cultivate new opportunities to sell books through proper partnerships.
      8. Participate in company meetings, brainstorming sessions, and weekly reporting.
      9. Be available for client calls and engage authors on new media or marketing strategy.
      10. Carry out hour-long one-on-one media trainings as part of pre-sale offerings for each new platinum + client and hour-long group media training presentations for platinum clients.
      11. Manage and offer support to media contractor(s) through bi-weekly strategy meetings.
      12. Update marketing metric board and update team on media wins daily.
      13. Identify and pitch speaking engagement outlets including conferences, webinars, panels, schools, and libraries.
      14. Manage Book Launcher’s Podmatch page by fielding new media requests, adding new client pages, and connecting with new hosts.
      15. Coordinate with Book Launch Coordinator and Copy Writer to ensure that all media deliverables are available and active before pitching begins.
      16. Send out physical books to reporters, podcast hosts, book reviewers, and conference planners.
      17. Manage and offer support to Marketing VA through meetings and email communication.
      18. Interview, onboard, and manage all new media contractors.
      19. Create Foundation Library video presentations for our clients.
      20. Contribute to client Roadmap documents.
      21. Carry out media audits for clients with zero book sales.
      22. Manage Book Launchers’ Mailchimp account, including strategizing, creating, and sending out monthly release newsletters, quarterly library list newsletters, and NetGalley review blasts.
      23. Support the financial prosperity of the company by being willing to have clear and direct conversations with clients about the impact of decisions, and voicing ideas and suggestions for ways to streamline processes/finances.

Every project has a timeline with specific monthly commitments so delivering on time is a must! You’ll be working remote so the ability to work independently is essential.

Initial salary is $45,000.00 – $55,000.00 per year with the opportunity for profit sharing after 90 days. As you grow with the team, so will the salary.

The right media coordinator for our team will get excited about gaining media wins for our clients. They also will love looking at books and authors from all angles to find the most interesting and relevant pitch avenues for today’s market. They’re actively looking to join a team and grow with a company united in its passion to create quality books and help our authors achieve success.

If this sounds good to you please apply using the form linked below. Please include detailed answers to the questions on the form as we use that form more than a resume to determine who advances to an interview.

This is a marketing position, so your cover letter to us should show that you know how to write in a way that sells! (PS: If you’re early in your career but have recently been trained in media and publicity, tell us about it! We like to hear what you can bring to this role we may not have already considered.)

If this doesn’t sound right for you, but you know someone who would be perfect for this position, please pass it along and make sure we know who to thank if we hire them. 🙂

Also, if you’re not familiar with our company, we recommend you spend some time on our YouTube channel. These videos are a good place to begin:

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