Join Our Team as a Copy Editor

You love taking a sloppy sentence and making it fluid. You double check that names and facts are accurate for fun. You can spot a grammar and punctuation error a mile away. And, most importantly, you are able to comprehensively edit a manuscript while keeping an author’s ego and pride in position!

If that sounds like you, and you’re experienced editing business articles or non-fiction work for authors, and you have time in your schedule to handle a few more manuscripts every month, then we’d like to hear from you.

What is your role?

You will be an external and independent contractor – one of our copy editors on call.

Your primary point of contact will be our Book Production Manager and Client Care Specialist, but your ultimate job is to delight our customers by making their ideal readers buy their book with your brilliant copy!

Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals publish high quality non-fiction books.  But, this is not a traditional publishing company. Our authors retain all control and ownership over the content and keep all royalties. We provide the team and the guidance to help our authors not only write and publish, but also to achieve their business objectives through their book. It’s not just about selling books (although we help guide them through how to sell books too!).  It’s about using a book to build a business, boost a brand, become a recognized expert all while sharing valuable expertise and experience with others.

Your role is important because you’ll be helping us ensure our authors are publishing a book that has the same quality of a book published by a traditional publisher.

Our process has five phases:

  • Pen to Paper (Writing Your Book)
  • Process (Editing)
  • Publishing (Design, Layout, & Set Up with Printing and Distribution)
  • Platform (Building the business around the book including website, social media,and other services offered around the book)
  • Promote (Selling the book).

You’ll play a very important role in the Process phase.

Specific Tasks Include:

  1. An initial review of the manuscript for overall flow, structure, grammar and higher level errors.
    The manuscript will be content edited before it gets to you, but it will not be reviewed with the expert eye of an editor of your skill. Before we get into the nitty gritty edits, you’ll review the manuscript from a flow, structure and overall style perspective and provide the author with some constructive (but very kind) comments to help them improve the manuscript.
  2. Review Revisions and Finalize the Manuscript
    After the author has worked through your suggestions, you’ll go back over the manuscript in much finer detail, editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling and other finer details.

A final proof read will be done by another editor before it heads off to Layout and Design.

Every project has a timeline so we will have a rough idea of when we’ll need you, so you can plan your schedule accordingly, but as our copy editor on call, we do ask that you begin work on the manuscript within 2 business days of receipt. If you can’t fit it into your schedule, you’ll notify us immediately so we can send it to another copy editor.

If this sounds good to you … send us a proposal with your rates for the above tasks and we’ll send you two pages of a draft book to edit.

Head over to the ‘Join Our Team‘ page and complete the form and upload your proposal!

If this doesn’t sound right for you, but you know someone who would be perfect for this position, please pass it along and make sure we know who to thank if we hire them. 🙂