Join Our Team as Our Chief Content Editor on Call

If you’re great at taking raw work from a first-time author and helping shape it into something that is easy, engaging and exciting to read, please keep reading.

This is not a copy editing job. We already have some great folks who hunt commas and bad grammar for a living.

What we need is someone who will read our clients manuscripts and be able to identify and communicate whether:

  • The material achieve the author’s goal?
  • The reader benefit is the focus of every single story/example/lesson? What’s in it for the reader is a very important consideration of every piece of our process.
  • The reader will be engaged and keep turning pages (And, if not, what can be done about it?)
  • The book is organized well to create curiosity, engagement and ultimately be something the reader will tell others about? If it’s not, how can it be reorganized? Sometimes we need to conduct some surgery on these manuscripts and move material around, chop chapters, and merge others …
  • There a way to add humor.

This is on top of the usual things a content editor would do, including a review of whether the stories explained well, if you understand what they are saying, and are claims backed up? Could a diagram better explain something etc …

What is your role?

You will be an external and independent contractor – our chief content editor on call.

Your primary point of contact will be our Client Care Specialist, but your ultimate job is to delight our customers by making them feel great about their first draft, and even better about where it’s heading!

Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals publish high quality non-fiction books. Our internal mantra is No Boring Books. Our goal for 2018 is to create some MASSIVE client success stories.

Your role is very important in doing that because very few of our clients are experienced writers. While they do work with a writing coach who will read every word before it gets to you, you’ll be the first one to read the book from start to finish with fresh eyes.

This is not a traditional publishing company. Our authors retain all control and ownership over the content and keep all royalties. We provide the team and the guidance to help our authors not only write and publish, but also to achieve their business objectives through their book. It’s not just about selling books (although we help guide them through how to sell books too!). It’s about using a book to build a business, boost a brand, become a recognized expert all while sharing valuable expertise and experience with others.

Our process has five phases:

  • Pen to Paper (Writing Your Book)
  • Process (Editing)
  • Publishing (Design, Layout, & Set Up with Printing and Distribution)
  • Platform (Building the business around the book including website, social media,and other services offered around the book)
  • Promote (Selling the book).

You’ll play a very important role in the Process phase.

Every project has a timeline so we will have a rough idea of when we’ll need you so you can plan your schedule accordingly, but as our content editor on call, we do ask that you try to keep the turnaround time on each manuscript between 2-4 weeks. And, if at any time you are going to be unable to do this, you give us plenty of notice so we can work with our back ups. If this sounds good to you head over to the ‘Join Our Team‘ page and complete the form and upload anything you think we should see. Step 2 is an editing test, so you really don’t need to send samples of your work. If selected we’ll be sending that to you.

If this doesn’t sound right for you, but you know someone who would be perfect for this position, please pass it along and make sure we know who to thank if we hire them. 🙂