Join Our Team as Our Book Production Supervisor

As the Book Production Supervisor, you’ll take your eagle eye for detail, your ability to solve problems, and your people skills to oversee our book production process and deliver high quality books on schedule. You will be the driver of production timelines, the person who is keeping the eye on the whole production process for glitches and snags, and responsible for maintaining our high standards. You’ll build relationships with vendors, work directly with a team reporting to you, and identify opportunities for Book Launchers to be more effective and efficient in our mission.
You are the leader of a team of professionals who are in the trenches everyday with the authors, making decisions about the editing, copy, titles, design, and layout. You manage independent contractors and employees to make sure projects make forward progress and membership deliverables are achieved. You forge relationships with all of our production professionals to ensure the clients have the highest quality work and are publishing a book they can be proud of.
You will have responsibility for performing those duties as are customary for, and are consistent with, such a position, as well as those duties as may be assigned to you from time to time. Such duties contemplated as of this offer would include the following:
1. Own the production process and timeline, driving forward motion of projects, assigning tasks and deadlines, and ensuring books clear production with enough time to pre-sale the book
2. Quality Control: review manuscripts at each step in the editing and layout phases, and review full cover and other design elements before client delivery.
3. Work alongside the Production Team to support the clients through their projects, including weekly accountability calls (as needed), timeline production and updates, manuscript reviews and delivery to the appropriate client or production team member to deliver to the client, and any other duties required to keep a project moving forward smoothly for a client.
4. Support the financial prosperity of the company by being willing to have clear and direct conversations with clients about the impact of decisions and delays on timelines, identifying clients that should be at a higher level of membership, and offering additional services like audiobooks, course building, and workbooks to the clients.
5. Follow up with clients for payment and subscription renewals, as needed.
6. Research relevant keywords and categories to assist with title brainstorms, covers, copy, and other marketing materials to potentially boost visibility and sales on various platforms, and reviewing the research each quarter, as assigned.
7. Hold weekly one-on-one check in meetings with your direct reports and once-monthly assessments.
8. Lead a team production meeting weekly.
9. Work within our process to track metrics and milestones and log client communications in Infusionsoft, Process Street, AirTable, and any other applicable system.
10. Set up print-on-demand accounts online for each author, upload their manuscript and cover designs and help guide key decisions around distribution channel options.
11. Set up of author profiles on key websites for professional presentation.
12. Help with the maintenance and development of items and checklists in Process Street for clients and their book timelines.
13. Provide support for Production team in rush times, sick leaves and vacations.
14. Monitor the timelines and maintain processes when projects are slipping
15. Participate in company meetings and reporting.
16. Coach contractors and employees as needed to help develop additional skills.
17. Build relationships with vendors to find new opportunities that would differentiate Book Launchers in the marketplace.
  • Employees are communicated to on a weekly basis and understand how they contribute to the Book Launchers production process.
  • Contractors are clear about their milestones and deliverables to be done. Feedback on their work is shared as needed.
  • Set up the customer experience process. Ensure that our clients are not only successful at becoming an author but that they feel celebrated, supported and delighted that they worked with Book Launchers.
  • Monitor the book and the author’s progress and identify potential issues early.
  • Optimize process when needed for timely and quality deliveries.
  • Distribution channels look good and are properly set up.
  • Problem solve. Get ready to Google the heck out of things, spend time on forums finding solutions, and be flexible when things that used to work don’t cut it anymore. Book publishing is always changing. Authors’ goals will change. Amazon’s rules change and, what can be done will change. Be ready to figure out solutions to problems that you, the team and the Author may encounter.
  • Engage your creative side as you offer input on cover design, layouts, social media content and marketing materials.
· Must have previous experience working with the KDP Dashboard, and ideally, Ingram Spark
· Have an understanding of the layout process and be familiar with InDesign terminology
· Ideally, you have a good understanding of the CMoS
· You’ve managed a team of people or have equivalent experience to have candid and supportive conversations
· Can calmly handle varying client and employee personalities and demands
· Are excited about books and working with authors to create success
· Capable of balancing multiple tasks and timelines in a day
· Comfortable working alone and from home
· Must be able to deal with moments of high pressure due to multiple deadlines
Job Type:
Full-time Salary: $52,000.00 – $60,000.00 per yearApplication Question(s):
  • This role is very detail focused and a successful candidate derives satisfaction from knocking out to-do lists. With that in mind, tell us about a time you 100% finished a project, personal or professional.
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