Join Our Team as Our Author Marketing Strategist

Do you have a publishing background or experience working with authors to launch their books? Are you driven to strategize, find solutions, and serve? Do you love books and are excited about being a go-to person for marketing strategy and client education?

If you’ve answered “yes” and are excited by what you’ve read so far, then please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Book Launchers. We help thought-leaders and people with a powerful story write, publish, and sell impact-driven non-fiction books. Our goal isn’t just to help our clients get a book published. We help our clients create a great book they will be proud of for years, AND we help them use their book as a tool to achieve their business and brand goals. To achieve that, we have developed an incredible team of publishing professionals who help our authors develop their story, write the book, refine it through editing, and design the book to stand out. During the development and publishing process, we layer in marketing support so our authors are positioned for sales success when their book is done. We also do a wide range of things to support our clients including author platform coaching and development, media pitching, author partnerships, speaking engagement support, and even look for and negotiate wholesale book sale opportunities.

You will report directly to our Book Marketing Manager, and play a key role in supporting all the marketing activities that we do to help our authors get their books into the hands of readers.

This role would ideally be full-time (~35-40 hours/week) which would mean eligibility for profit-share, health, dental, and optical insurance, as well as paid vacation after 90 days, but if you’re awesome and would prefer to be part-time, we can also work with you on that.

To apply, please complete the form at the bottom of our “Join Our Team” page. Please include a résumé and cover letter.

What is your role?

In this role, you are the go-to for client education and marketing strategy. You will report to the Book Marketing Manager and work in collaboration with the entire marketing department to ensure client success through customized marketing efforts. You will be vital to helping our authors successfully choose their launch strategy, be prepared for it, and then successfully market their brand and book(s). You’ll be the driving force behind running successful a successful launch including by creating a week-by-week presale itineraries, working with the Marketing Project Manager to ensure deliverables are on time and on brand, and being a hands-on help for clients to create effective launch efforts. Your input and creativity will be essential to the success of our clients’ book launches and beyond. You are the face of client education, including leading group marketing calls and client-facing trainings, and always have an eye on how clients can launch successfully. You are the clients’ support system, their sounding board and marketing partner who comes to the table with ideas to execute. Our overarching goal is to be our clients’ first choice for book publishing success and produce multiple books with Book Launchers for years to come. And, we will know we’ve succeeded when referrals are our biggest source of new clients and existing clients create multiple books with Book Launchers in the years to come.

Specific Tasks Include:

  1. Understand book launch strategies and, with support from the Book Marketing Manager, be able to consult and coach clients through the steps they need to take for a successful book launch.
  2. Be in direct contact with clients to build their book launch and ensure they have full support for a successful book launch.
  3. Run weekly client marketing group trainings on the marketing process and be able to consult with clients on how to develop successful book launches.
  4. Conduct one-on-one strategy calls with clients, including Author Branding Calls and marketing calls throughout their lifetime as a client.
  5. Relay efficiently a client’s goals, ideas or unique aspects of a book that can contribute to an effective launch and track those notes consistently in our system with an eye for details.
  6. Oversee client marketing timelines, including strategizing on marketing customization and developing a plan based on the goal of the book and brand with the Marketing Project Coordinator and Book Marketing Manager.
  7. Meet regularly with the Online Marketing Strategist and Media Coordinator to ensure marketing goals are being reached through online platforms and media outreach, including working with media team on targeted outreach.
  8. Stay up to date with the news and opportunities for book distribution and book marketing that can result in increased reviews, lead generation, and new sales for our clients. Always be studying Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub and other platforms for marketing and distribution.
  9. Support the Book Marketing Manager with bulk buy sales for clients, social media strategy and execution, and any other projects underway to generate sales and exposure for our clients.
  10. Develop templates for clients to use for marketing including content calendars, marketing timelines, email templates and outreach letters that can be customized for clients’ needs.
  11. Contribute to monthly marketing reports on marketing activities and upcoming strategy.
  12. Create monthly marketing newsletters for our New Release Newsletter for media and libraries and Monthly Client Happenings.
  13. Preform monthly Ask Me Anything Sessions for all clients.
  14. Develop and update materials for Book Launchers Foundational Library in relation to marketing.
  15. Participate in company meetings and brainstorming sessions, weekly reporting

Job Requirements:

  • Experience in the publishing world or previous experience working with authors launching books.
  • You have a deep love of marketing strategy and how to execute it.
  • You thrive when engaging with one-on-one and group contact with clients and helping them create successful book launches.
  • You’re able to think strategically about a book, its audience and how to reach them.
  • You’re able to work effectively in a variety of topics, categories and genres and able to switch between them smoothly.
  • Familiar with how to use platforms like AirTable, Process Street, and/or other CRMs and productivity trackers.
  • Proficient in project management and juggling multiple timelines for dozens of clients
  • Familiar with online book marketing platforms such as NetGalley, GoodReads, Amazon, review platforms and more.
  • Problem solving and willingness to just get in there or go and find the people you need to solve the problem we’ve encountered
  • Service-oriented and able to prioritize the client’s perspective and needs
  • Have connections and/or established relationships in book marketing, media, or book distributors
  • Able to work collaboratively with the team
  • Can quickly establish rapport with clients and identify strategic opportunities for a client’s marketing
  • An understanding of marketing and brand-building and how to evaluate/identify opportunities for a client or their book.
  • Comfortable working alone and from home
  • Able to work collaboratively with the team.
  • Able to participate in company meetings daily, weekly and monthly.

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you then you’re obviously someone special; so we want to tell you why we’re worthy of your greatness.

Here’s the deal:

We are based in Las Vegas, but the team works remotely. We believe that you should not battle traffic if you don’t have to.

What unites us is a passion for quality and our clients’ success. Book Launchers founder Julie Broad started the company to support authors to succeed not just in creating the highest quality of book, but to also help authors sell those books to readers. She is a Top 20 under 40 award-winning entrepreneur, an Amazon Overall #1 bestselling author (her first self-published niche non-fiction book actually topped the charts of all the millions of books sold in Canada on Amazon and was in the Top 100 print books sold for 45 days!), and she’s a recognized expert on self-publishing (Book Launchers YouTube channel has more than 47,000 subscribers – and is definitely worth watching to get a feel for the company).

Most importantly, we’re growing and learning every day so working here is a fun adventure. If you want to know more about what we offer (including our health benefits, vacation policy and profit-sharing), please read all of the information here.

As mentioned above, this role would ideally be full-time (~35-40 hours/week) which would mean eligibility for profit-share, health, dental, and optical insurance, as well as paid vacation after 90 days, but if you’re awesome and would prefer to be part-time, we can also work with you on that. The salary range for full-time would be $48,000-$53,000/year.

If this doesn’t sound right for you, but you know someone who would be perfect for this position, please pass it along and make sure we know who to thank if we hire them. 🙂