Join Our Team as an Audiobook Editor & Producer

Do you have a love working in the audio world and have great interpersonal skills? Are you familiar with narration, audiobook pre-production and post-production, and editing and mastering audio files?

If you’ve answered “yes” and are excited by what you’ve read so far, then please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Book Launchers. We help thought-leaders and people with a powerful story write, publish, and sell impact-driven non-fiction books. Our goal isn’t just to help our clients get a book published. We help our clients create a great book they will be proud of for years, AND we help them use their book as a tool to achieve their business and brand goals. To achieve that, we have developed an incredible team of publishing professionals who help our authors develop their story, write the book, refine it through editing, and design the book to stand out. During the development and publishing process, we layer in marketing support so our authors are positioned for sales success when their book is done. We also do a wide range of things to support our clients including author platform coaching and development, media pitching, author partnerships, speaking engagement support, and even look for and negotiate wholesale book sale opportunities.

For our full-service clients, we have some additional offerings they can choose from including audiobook which is where this role plays in.

What is your role?

In this role, you will be introduced to our clients who have purchased an audiobook package add-on. Once the introduction happens, you will be in direct communication with the author through the audiobook pre and post-production process that ends with their audiobook being successfully uploaded (and accepted) by ACX. Some of our authors will be new to the audiobook world and will need some coaching to be successful in the narration of their book. We will also be looking for someone who can troubleshoot with the clients, studios, mistakes/corrections, etc.

The pay structure is varied per project based on the word count of their manuscript. It will be a flat fee that is broken in half for two different milestones that are in line with invoicing. The first milestone is prepping and the client begins recording the files, and the second milestone is all production work is complete and the final files pass the Audible QC.

Specific Tasks Include:

  1. Have a video call with the author.
  2. Provide a basic Q&A with the author, establish their baseline knowledge/experience, and go through the steps together and make plan for the recording of the audiobook.
  3. Set up a studio time at a recording studio that is local to the author OR help the author build a home studio
  4. Receive audio files
  5. Edit/master the files
  6. Share the finished files with the author for their review and approval (typically via GoogleDrive)
  7. Deliver final files to Book Launchers
  8. Upload final to ACX and ensure success acceptance by their QC team

Job Requirements:

  • Audio background &/or Experience in Audiobook Editing and Producing
  • Good interpersonal skills and working with different people who might be completely unfamiliar to audio recording
  • Knowledge about scheduling studio time (how much time will be needed, what are competitive prices, how to handle extra time for pickups if needed, etc.)
  • Knowledge about building a home recording setup (working with existing tech, advising on what to purchase, how to control for noise, etc.)
  • Editing/mastering of the finished files.
  • Access to a webcam for video calls, reliable internet connection, and reliable phone signal and service.

Here’s the deal:

We are based in Las Vegas, but the team works remotely. We believe that you should not battle traffic if you don’t have to.

What unites us is a passion for quality and our clients’ success. Book Launchers founder Julie Broad started the company to support authors to succeed not just in creating the highest quality of book, but to also help authors sell those books to readers. She is a Top 20 under 40 award-winning entrepreneur, an Amazon Overall #1 bestselling author (her first self-published niche non-fiction book actually topped the charts of all the millions of books sold in Canada on Amazon and was in the Top 100 print books sold for 45 days!), and she’s a recognized expert on self-publishing (Book Launchers YouTube channel has more than 47,000 subscribers – and is definitely worth watching to get a feel for the company).

Please apply on our “Join Our Team” page, and don’t forget to include the items listed above for this position.