How much time does it take to self-publish a book? Julie Broad, Amazon best-selling author and founder of Book Launchers, sat down recently with Stephen Woessner of Onward Nation Podcast.

Woessner was quick to point out that this was the second time Julie had appeared on his show, the first time was episode 350, and in the year since that episode was released, she had made quite a few changes – moving countries, having a baby and starting a new company – Book Launchers.

“You’re a rip the band-aid off kind of gal, aren’t ya?” Woesner quipped before getting down to business.

Woessner wanted to know about Julie’s first book More than Cashflow, and how that lead to the creation of Book Launchers.

Julie explained that the process of self-publishing her first book taught her that she could create huge success for herself without using the traditional publishing model. In fact, most business owners who want to position themselves as an expert would benefit from writing and self-publishing a book.

The challenge: Self Publishing a Book Requires Time

Self-publishing a book requires you to write the book, and that’s where most business owners get stuck. They don’t have the time! Book Launchers does a lot for their clients as far as the nuts and bolts of publishing goes, and that includes a writing coach to help business owners stay accountable to their goals.

“You’re looking at nine to fifteen months from start to finish when you self-publish in most cases,” Julie explained. “If you have to learn how to self-publish a book by yourself, it could take longer to execute it successfully.”

The full interview is available at the link above.

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