How Good is Draft2Digital For Self-Published Authors?

Draf2Digital for Authors

Draft2Digital is a great partner for independent authors, providing powerful tools like Universal Book Links, customizable Author Pages, and revenue splitting for co-authors. These features are designed to boost your success in the digital era. If you’re not yet familiar with all the advantages Draft2Digital offers, read on to learn more about the exceptional tools and services they offer that can help you shine in the publishing world.

Why Choose Draft2Digital as a Self-Published Author?

Draft2Digital is not your average eBook aggregator. It’s a platform that truly understands and caters to the needs of authors. Here’s why it stands out:

Wide Distribution: Unlike limited eBook distribution options, Draft2Digital allows you to bypass the constraints of platforms like Kindle. We help set up your book for broad distribution, making use of platforms like KDP for Amazon and Ingram Spark for print distribution.

Access to Libraries: One of Draft2Digital’s major perks is its extensive network of libraries, including Overdrive with 38,000 libraries, and Hoopla, adding another 30,000. This exposure is invaluable for reaching readers who prefer borrowing to buying.

No Up-front Costs: Draft2Digital operates on a no-risk basis. There are no initial fees for conversion, distribution, or sales tracking. You only pay a percentage from actual sales, which means Draft2Digital is motivated to help you sell more books.

Real-Time Support: Unlike the bots you have to talk to on platforms like KDP, Draft2Digital offers personalized support from real humans. They have people ready to assist you with any issues, ensuring a smoother publishing process.

Innovative Promotional Tools: Draft2Digital shines with its promotional tools. For instance, Books2Read’s Universal Book Links make it easy to share your book across multiple platforms. The B2R (Books2Read) Author Pages and Book Tabs further enhance your marketing if you take advantage of these tools.

Co-author Friendly: For books with multiple authors, Draft2Digital simplifies the process allowing you make individual payments and download individual tax forms. This can be a big pain on other platforms as one author has to take responsibility and then do distributions and reporting.

To take advantage of Draft2Digital’s advanced platform, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Universal Book Link (UBL) for your books on Draft2Digital through Books2Read, as well as how to set up an Author’s Page on Draft2Digital

One of the great features Draft2Digital has created is the Book2Read link which creates a universal book link for your book. You don’t even need to be a Draft2Digital customer to take advantage of it.

If you aren’t familiar with Universal Book Links, or why you should use one, here’s a video on that. The essence is that it puts control into the hands of your reader so they can choose which bookstore platform they want to use to buy your book. The advantage to you is that you aren’t sending a bunch of traffic to Amazon that doesn’t convert if you’re audience is international or if you have a bunch of people who prefer to support stores other than Amazon with their book purchases:

How to Create a Universal Book Link (UBL) on Draft2Digital

Step 1: Log In to Your Draft2Digital Account

Before you can create a UBL, you need to log in to your Draft2Digital account. Go to the Draft2Digital website and enter your login details.

Step 2: Navigate to the Books2Read Features

Once logged in, access the Dashboard, and look for the “Books2Read” option. Click on it to navigate to the Universal Book Links section.

Step 3: Create a New Universal Book Link

In the Books2Read section, click on the button that says “Create New UBL.” You’re about to make it easy for readers to find your book everywhere it’s sold online!

Step 4: Enter Your Book Details

You will need to provide details about your book, such as the book title and the original retailer links where your book is available for sale. Books2Read will use this information to generate a UBL that points to every online bookstore where your book can be found.


Step 5: Customize Your UBL

Here’s your chance to get creative! Customize your UBL with a snappy, memorable URL endpoint that’s easy to share.


Step 6: Publish and Share Your UBL

Hit publish and your UBL is ready to go! Share this link on social media, your website, and in newsletters. It’s a one-stop shop for your readers to buy your book from their favorite retailer.


Setting Up an Author Page on Draft2Digital

Step 1: Access Your Draft2Digital Dashboard

Log back into your dashboard to begin the next exciting phase—creating your Author Page.

Step 2: Start Your Author Page Setup

From the dashboard, find and click on the “Manage My Author Page” link. This will take you to the setup page for your Author Page.

Step 3: Customize Your Author Page

Customize your Author Page by adding your biography, and author photo. You can also connect your social media profiles to build a bridge to your readers beyond the books.

Step 4: Showcase Your Books

Ensure that all books you want featured on your Author Page are listed. You can link each book to its respective Universal Book Link for easy access by readers.

Step 5: Publish Your Masterpiece

Once everything looks good, publish your Author Page. Draft2Digital will provide you with a unique URL that serves as a hub for your literary life, which you can then share to increase your visibility and connect with readers.

Step 6: Share and Promote Your Author Page

Share the link to your Author Page on your social media profiles, website, and other author platforms. This will help readers find all your work in one place and stay updated on your new releases and events.


Additional Features

Draft2Digital has a lot of other author friendly features that are worth noting like account sharing and promotional discounts to help you sell more books. They also have an affiliate program. Using your affiliate link, you can recommend their platform to your author friends and make a few cents when they sell books. The payment comes out of Draft2Digital’s cut, not your author friend’s proceeds.

Account Sharing: Draft2Digital allows you to securely share account access with assistants or team members. This is a big part of most author’s business as they grow and hire help. With Draft2Digital you can remain in control of your account while giving access to the people who will be assisting you with your book management on the platform. With KDP you just have to give your username and password to someone and this is actually a violation of their terms.

Promotional Discounts: Through partnerships like with Smashwords, you can create promotional coupon codes. Promo codes are a great tool for tracking and boosting sales during specific marketing campaigns.

Having the ability to run promotions and create codes opens up a lot of marketing opportunities. When promoting your ebook, the power of tracking promotional results is undeniable. By utilizing Smashwords in partnership with Draft2Digital, you gain the ability to create and monitor coupon codes, offering a strategic advantage in your marketing efforts. If you participate in a podcast interview to promote your book, you can provide a specific coupon code to the audience. This incentivizes purchases and allows you to track the sales generated from that that interview.

Setting up a coupon on Smashwords is straightforward if your ebook meets certain conditions:

  • Your ebook must be distributed to the Smashwords store via Draft2Digital.
  • It should not be listed as a preorder.
  • If you are setting a specific coupon price, ensure the original ebook price is higher than the coupon price. A book priced at $4.99 can be eligible for a coupon price of $3.99, but a $2.99 book cannot use the same coupon price.

Affiliate Program: Draft2Digital offers an affiliate program where you can earn from promoting their services, adding revenue stream.

By signing up through an affiliate link (like the one provided at, you can earn a small royalty on each book sold.

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