Why You’re Not Getting Your Book Done – But You Should Be

You have some excellent reasons why you’re not getting your book done.

It’s true.

What’s also true is that you should be writing your book anyway.

Reason #1 – I just need to do something more … then I can write my book.

“I don’t have enough experience,” “I haven’t done anything cool enough,” or “I don’t have the big successful ending yet” are all typical crutches that people lean on to not write their book.

My motto is, “Live a life worth writing about.”

Try new things. Take on new challenges. Face life head on. Do that, and you’ll have stories to share that will help people.

But besides that, have you ever heard of a writer named Napoleon Hill? Think and Grow Rich sold more than a hundred million copies worldwide, and guess what? It’s based on research, not experience.

He studied the individuals who built up personal fortunes and shared what he learned. By doing the research, he became the expert.

Reason #2 – I’m too busy

Admittedly there are times in your life when you do not have the bandwidth to spend five to ten hours a week working on a book. But is it really true right now? I’ve just had a baby, moved to a new country and launched a new business and I’m still writing my third book (of course, it’s MUCH easier to write your book with the help of a company like Book Launchers!). If you can find 30 minutes a day to write. Maybe on your commute, maybe speaking into a recorder, making notes on your phone at the doctor’s office. Then all you have to do is find an extra two hours on the weekend, maybe skipping some Netflix time, but don’t skip my videos, they’re valuable. Or maybe you just think you’re not a good enough writer. Well, that’s what editors are for, and if you do a lot of research, write a great

If you are committed you can find thirty minutes a day to work on your book. Maybe on your commute you can speak into a recorder, or make notes on your phone while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Some weeks you just need to skip that movie on Netflix and you’ve found the time.

Reason #3 – I’m not a good writer

Well, that’s what editors are for!  If you do your

If you do your research, and write a great outline then your book will almost write itself. But if you hate writing, then why don’t you try recording your book?

As long as you have a great outline to work with, you can just speak like you are telling your friend all about your book.

You can hire a company to transcribe it (for anywhere from .10 to $1.00 per minute), and then a great content editor will work magic on those words and turn it into the first draft of your book.

So guess what?

Those three reasons that you thought you had to not write your book, they’re excuses.

All you need is someone to just kick your ass and get it done. Or of course you can hire Book Launchers, because we’ve got a fantastic team of publishing professionals that are going to help you out, especially the writing coach who will help you craft a great outline and position your book so that it’s going to appeal to your ideal reader and sell a lot of copies.

Life is worth writing about. It’s time to share your story and build your business by writing your book! Set up a call to chat about starting your book!


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