Featured Author Wins! Week of November 1st, 2021

Twitch monetization tips on Small Biz Gone Viral, quality of life improvements on Living the Best Version of You, and cultivating student emotional intelligence on Hi Mama – here are the highlights for this week’s media features for our incredible authors!


  • We all know it’s true – no one has it all together. Join Ben Preston on the Millenial Wisdom Podcast as he tells you why that’s okay and why you must take advantage of every opportunity on a daily basis to move forward in your life. Listen now!
  • Unique family experiences are always worth telling. Tune in to this episode of Linda’s Corner, where guest Jill Phillips talks about how stories are sure-fire ways to create and rekindle strong family connections. Listen now!
  • Make positive lifestyle changes and find happiness in your golden years with Dave Frost on the Senior Care Podcast. A great listen for those who want to live their best life well past retirement. Listen here!
  • Coping with tragedy and loss can be one of life’s most challenging experiences. Listen to Shelley Buck on the Dying of Laughter Podcast as she tells the story of his son Ryder and how his legacy inspired her to overcome the challenge of grief. Listen now!
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