Featured Author Wins! Week of March 26th, 2021

Fulfilling career strategies, powerful stories of triumphing through tribulations and tragedy, and simple secrets to stock market success – don’t miss this week’s awesome media features of these #noboringbook authors! Check them out:




  • Parents, don’t miss Maureen Towns on Authentic Talks 2.0. Her story of mothering children through mental illness and addiction will inspire any parent to thrive despite chaotic and challenging situations. Listen now!




  • Strive and thrive with Dave Frost on Health Media Now, where he shares his KaBoomer strategies to increasing your fitness age and improving your health so you can live a better quality of life, longer. Listen now!


  • Cultivate an exciting career with Ben Preston on The Offer. No matter where you are in your professional life, Ben’s strategies will help you get creative to find a job that fulfills you. Click here and listen!



  • Champion of Creativity Robert Belle was featured on the Guru podcast! Learn the process of getting back in touch with yourself and discovering your creative identity for a more fulfilling and colorful life. Listen here!


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