How to self publish a book on Amazon as an author? Our founder Julie Broad shares how she became a self publisher after the success of her first book being an Amazon bestseller. She was interviewed by Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez on EntHead Podcast.

– Thanks for having me.

– Yeah definitely once you tell us just a little bit about yourself background you know and everything good you’re doing with Book Launchers.

– Yes sure my background is actually real estate and real estate in Canada. I now live in Los Angeles, California but I’ve only been here for a very very short period of time like five weeks six weeks or so but ya know I’m originally a real estate investor in Canada and you know through that I wrote my first book More Than Cash Flow just kind of sharing the adventures that we’d had and they certainly were adventurous some definitely made money but I also made some pretty awful mistakes that made for some great stories in a book so then that book did extraordinarily well I kind of you know it was one of those things where the stars aligned and my book actually went to number one overall on Amazon hanging out with Dan Brown and the game of Thrones and I self-published so it was it was unheard of really to have a book a niche book self-published non-fiction go to number one overall and this was Amazon in Canada but still I sold thousands and thousands of books you know in a very short period of time to have that happen so it’s really cool but that led to a lot of people starting to ask me about writing their own book and what do they need to do and how do they publish their book.

So bit by bit I slowly as I started to move from real estate into helping people build a brand and boost their business I started to find myself helping a lot of people solve their publishing and book challenges and so when we were moving to California I decided to just you know completely stop what I was doing and my education and training business and focus on helping people write publish and very importantly sell their book and book vultures was born.

The second book was the New Brand You and the first book I wrote was called More Than Cash Flow.

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