Sell Your Book Directly to Readers From Your Own Online Store

You heard that right. Get the highest return for your book sales by cutting out the middle man.

Our full-service package allows you to sell your books your way. See some of the benefits of selling direct below:

  • International shipping
  • Lower costs than Amazon
  • Discount Codes
  • Bulk Orders w/pricing control
  • Auto Fulfillment
  • Email list building
  • And more!

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Take advantage of this opportunity and be in control of your book sales.

How does it work?

Upload Your Titles, and Automate Your Orders

We work with a service called BookVault that specializes in printing books on demand. With an integration for Shopify and WooCommerce, their software allows seamless connections with existing websites or you can add your own custom domain to your store!

Once you create accounts with BookVault and the website host of your choice, we will set everything up for you within a week (depending on the queue) and you’ll be ready to sell your books directly to readers.

See What Our Clients Say…

“I love working with the entire team at Book Launchers. Every person has an expertise and can advise you in any phase your project may be at. You’ll get the best finished product and fabulous advice from idea to marketing.”

– Cici Castelli, Author of Mindset Unlocked

“The staff at Book Launchers not only worked with me to develop a polished, professional manuscript, but focused on building a platform and marketing/sales as well. Most importantly, they really care about their authors.”

– Linda Magoon, Author of Live Free and Hike

“Book Launchers helped me produce the book and market the book that I had burning inside me. 18-months after the launch of Harness Your Inner CEO, I have a readership of about 6,000 readers! Five-stars – the team is incredible and was all-in with me to make sure this project was successful.”

– Becca Powers, Author of Harness Your Inner CEO

“Every team member really knows what they’re trying to accomplish and they know all of the tips and tricks in the book when it comes to writing and marketing your book!”

– Rachel Johnson, Author of No Dead Babies

Sell Direct to Readers

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Ready to get started? We are happy to offer this competitive rate for you to start selling your books direct to readers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity today and realize your full self-publishing potential!

If you have more than 1 book and want to try selling direct, please contact for more information.

We work exclusively with non-fiction authors.


One Paperback + Hardcover Title

Shopify Integration

Automated ordering setup

Training videos

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Here’s a sample of some of our most successful projects. All of our writers own 100% of their book, never lose creative control, and (obviously) keep every cent of their royalties.