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How to Write a Book That Sells

Wondering how to write a book that sells and that you’ll be proud of for years and years? The first step is not sitting down to write! The biggest mistake most would-be authors make is that they get hit by inspiration one day and they just sit down and start writing. That inspiration can quickly […]

Hire a Great Ghostwriter – An Epic Guide

You don’t think Sarah Palin, Beyonce, Pamela Anderson, Lance Armstrong, and Nicole Richie actually wrote their books? As one celeb said, “I don’t do my own typing.” Many of today’s bestselling books are the result of an author hiring a great ghostwriter. If you’re ready to hire a great ghostwriter – the following guide is […]

Are Pre-Sales Important for Your Book Launch

Have you heard people saying, you have to put your book on pre-sale? Do you know what that means? Even more importantly, do you know if pre-sales are important for your book launch? What is a pre-sale period? In this video, I show you what it looks like when your book is on pre-sale: Pre-sale […]

An Epic Guide to YouTube Video Marketing for Authors

YouTube is a powerful platform for being discovered and connecting with potential book readers. But as an author, you might be thinking there’s no freaking way you’re getting in front of a camera and shooting a video. The reason you write, you may be thinking, is to stay behind the screen, not get in front […]

All About the Copyright Page for Self-Publishing Authors

When you write a book, there’s some really exciting material you must include in your book. That is the material on the copyright page of your book. Before we dive into this important page in your book, here’s the very important disclaimer: This is not legal advice. This is just one author sharing some info […]