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How to Sell More Books with an E-Book Sale on Amazon

An e-book sale on amazon could be the exact solution you need to sell more books and give your book a much needed boost. If you’re part of Amazon’s Kindle Select Program, you’re eligible to run a free ebook giveaway and a Kindle Countdown Deal where you place discounts on your ebook for a limited […]

How to Market Your Book With Author Newsletter Swaps

An author newsletter swap can double or triple your audience in an instant. A newsletter swap is free, easy, and gives you a chance to simultaneously broaden your audience, author network, and your subscriber list. Author newsletter swaps are an excellent book marketing strategy for authors with email newsletter lists of any size. How Does […]

Getting an ISBN – Here’s What You Need to Know

If you want to distribute your book to bookstores and beyond you need to know all the details on getting an ISBN for your book. You probably already know that you can get one for free on Amazon, but there’s always a catch with free. If you have bigger goals beyond Amazon distribution in mind, […]