Audiobook Production

Want to stand out as a true professional in your industry? Audiobooks are growing in popularity and are now the fastest-growing book publishing segment.

Audiobook Production

Want to stand out as a true professional in your industry? Audiobooks are growing in popularity and are now the fastest-growing book publishing segment.

Build Your Brand

We’ll talk you through all of our audiobook services, covering everything from hiring voice actors for reading your non-fiction book to giving you the voice coaching you need to be the voice of your audiobook. If you want to dominate your niche, having an audiobook version of your non-fiction book is one of the best ways to stand out and establish your credibility and industry standing.

Once we know more about what you need, our expert audiobook team will produce, edit, and master your perfect five-star quality audiobook. But that’s not all. Creating your audiobook is only half the battle!

Once your audiobook is ready, it will form part of your promotional package, which we then pitch to all the relevant media outlets. That includes industry podcasts, sector-relevant websites, and much more. Developing an audiobook means we can leverage interviews to dramatically expand your reach.

Audiobooks and Revenue

Having a hard copy of your non-fiction book is one way to develop a passive revenue stream while boosting your brand. But don’t overlook the fact that developing an audiobook for your audience also means you have a whole new sales channel. That’s only good news for your potential to earn, and with audiobook listening gaining new advocates year on year, it’s a growing opportunity.

From marketing audiobooks to the audiobook production itself, don’t try and do it all yourself. It takes a lot of patience and skill to produce and market an audiobook. That’s why our comprehensive audiobook services are quickly becoming one of our client favorites.

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It’s estimated around 45% of the US has listened to at least one audiobook, and that number is only growing.

If you have an audio audience already (like podcast listeners or you give regular speeches) you can expect that your audience will demand an audio-version of your book.

For Book Launchers members only, we’ll take on the tasks that make your audiobook the absolute best quality product that can be produced. We will source a studio or help you set up a home studio, give you voice coaching or help you hire a narrator, and then we’ll polish your audio to perfection and include promotion in our services to help you sell your book and build your brand.





  • Record Ready Assesment: Studio Set Up Testing
  • Script Time Analysis



  • Production schedule / workflow
  • Creative voice coaching and direction by an award-winning audio editor
  • Studio set up (or studio booking) support



  • Voice direction during recording
  • Editing, mastering, and formatting to meet Audible requirements
  • Quality Control review and changes by rights holder
  • Quality Control Review and Fixes by Audio Producer
  • Final approval sign-off by rights holder
  • ACX and Findaway Voices upload and publishing support
    (guaranteed acceptance to Audible or we rework the files at our cost).

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From book writing and design to non-fiction publishing and creating audiobooks for your audiences, it takes a lot of work (and many different skills) to publish a new book. That’s where Book Launchers comes in. Our range of services combined with our marketing-focused approach means you get unmatched resources accompanied by exceptional quality every time. Take a look through our services, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Self Publishing Services

As specialists in non-fiction publishing, Book Launchers is the ideal partner for turning your book into a tangible resource. We offer what you need and can help you with everything from writing, editing, and book design to launch strategy and long-term marketing. Book Launchers is a full-service professional team whose only goal is your success.

Book to Course Creation

Use your non-fiction book as the foundation of a profit-making course. We can help turn the content of your book into a course students will love. This is one of our most popular book production services for a reason: your book is a platform, and we help you grow that platform to earn you more revenue streams. Build your audience and your profits!

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You don’t just have to take our word for it. We’ve helped hundreds of clients create, publish, launch, and market their non-fiction books in the US and Canada. Take a look at what they’ve got to say about us!

Book launchers is the real deal! They helped me tremendously in the marketing phase- helping me to increase sales with the book army strategy, create an amazing media kit and landed me several podcasts.  I would HIGHLY recommend Book Launchers!

Brianne Ligori

My book hit bestseller in 4 different categories on Amazon. Book Launchers is my team for life!

Becca Powers


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