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During this complimentary call, we will:

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  • Create a clear plan so you know the next step you need to take in your author journey, 
  • Uncover hidden profit opportunities from your book and how you can unlock them. 
    At the end of the call, we'll let you know if your book is a good fit for our services. If it is, we'll discuss how Book Launchers works and when we should move forward to work together. No matter what happens, you will gain clarity around your book project and know what your next step forward should be. 

Book Launchers works with authors all over North America (and the world!) helping them write, publish, and sell a non-fiction book that will build a business, open the door to paid speaking opportunities, have an impact, and make a profit.

You keep all royalties and rights. There are no hidden fees. You can order books at cost direct from the print on demand provider.