Have you self-published a book? It’s a good time to make creating an audio version of your book (Audible, etc) part of your plans. In this interview on America Trends, the self-published and Amazon best selling author Julie Broad explains why self-publishing audiobooks via Audible makes sense.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the book market. They are outstripping the growth of ebooks, particularly with the under 35 demographic.

There are a couple factors pushing this trend. First, audiobooks were traditionally on tapes and then CDs. Which means that a vast amount of readers were in cars or stuck near a stereo for the duration of the book. With the proliferation of smartphones, suddenly the books were free from the CD player. However, there were size limits and time constraints for transferring that content to your phone.

It wasn’t until technology got a little smarter, with apps that could manage downloading and deleting of book files, that audiobooks started to grow in popularity.

The podcast boom also happened in tandem with the evolution of audiobooks.  26% of Americans now listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. They are used to listening to content rather than reading it. They are a natural audience for audiobooks and Audible has been quick to jump into this space and promote free trials.

Self-Publishing Audiobooks via Audible

For published authors, putting out an audiobook now will help you get in front of your audience. “We help people self-publish,” Julie Broad said on America Trends, “and I’m talking to a lot of self-publishing authors saying, “You need to create audio books,” because there aren’t that many out there so it’s actually easier to be found.”

Not only can you “be found” in Audible, but you can also benefit from reading your book yourself. Particularly with non-fiction books! You are the best reader to bring your book to life. With a smile in your voice or a pause for emphasis, you can really elevate your own material.

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