Julie Broad, founder of Book Launchers and Amazon Best-Selling Author, recently sat down with Annemarie Cross of the Ambitions Entrepreneur podcast. They discussed how authors find writing time in their busy schedules and use writing coaches to finish their books!

Annemarie Cross, host of the Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast, wanted to know how Julie fit writing into her busy schedule. “First, I think that training yourself that this is writing time helps. Working from an outline is also critical. I work with a writing coach now and in my company, Book Launchers, all of our clients are working with writing coaches.”

Writing coaches really do make a difference.

Imagine sitting by yourself writing a book, and doubting if the book is any good. With a writing coach, you always have that active feedback, someone to say, “This this could be a little stronger and here’s where you might need to use an example.”  Not only does a writing coach make the book better, they also take away that feeling that what your writing is “no good,” too.

Cross also asked about writing a book that will sell. After all, you don’t want to put time and effort into writing a book with an audience of one! Julie suggested that an author might want to write the introduction first and then test it extensively.

“While you want to write a book that has your unique spin, you really want to make sure that you have a great audience and that audience is the people that you want to connect with.  My best advice would be to test your book with your target along the way. The very first thing is to test that introduction. Send it out to the people who you think are your ideal readers and get their input. If you’re not getting consistently like ‘oh my gosh I can’t wait until you write this book’ then you’ll need to do some rewrites.”

Finally, if your book is getting a less-than-warm response, consider reworking your “hook.” Stand out from the crowd! Make your topic as compelling as possible by bringing a truly new spin to your writing.

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