Amazon Selling Tip for Authors

“Here’s a link to my book …”

If you’re putting that in emails, posting it on forums or sharing it on social media, you might think you’re doing the righ thing to sell your book on Amazon. And, it’s important to let people know you have a book, but here’s a simple Amazon selling tip for all authors. 

When you have the opportunity to post a link you shouldn’t be linking to Amazon. You should link to your author website or a page on your website designed to promote your book.

Here’s why:

Number one, by sending them to your website, you have the opportunity to get them to opt in for something of value (like, for example, a guide to selling 1,000 books for under $100), so you get their email list so you can communicate with them.

Number two, by linking to your page first, you aren’t sending a bunch of people to Amazon that never buy! Nobody is certain what algorhythms Amazon uses to show books to potential buyers, but you can bet that if you send a whole bunch of people to Amazon who don’t buy your book, Amazon’s tracking conversions, and they may stop showing your book to some people. They want people to buy not browse!

So send them to your website and then link to the appropriate book-buying sites from that site.

And, make sure you’ve also followed these five things to do once your book is published on Amazon.

When you sell your book all over the world, putting 45 different Amazon links on your website would be impossible. If that is you, check out a tool called Genius Link. It links to the appropriate Amazon page for that customer’s country.

Now you know … and if you want, you can check out a few bonus tips right here in this video:

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