How to avoid Amazon bestseller autobots and bogus author gimmicks? The self-published and Amazon best-selling author Julie Broad explains in her interview with Richard Chancy on Recurring Revenue Radio.

The Gimmicks for Best Seller Status

What would you be willing to do to become an Amazon Best-Selling Author? Well depending on how you gain the title, the journey can help or hurt your book for future revenue.

Here’s a quick rundown of the three most popular gimmicks that are out there:

  1. Group Buy Agreements
    A group of authors agrees to set their books at .99 cents. They buy and rate each other’s books at a designated hour so they can all achieve best-seller status.
  2. Purposefully Miss-categorizing Your Book
    The author categorizes their book in a small little off-beat category. On launch day they sell 20 copies and are a Best Seller of an irrelevant category, just to claim the title.
  3. Free Giveaways
    If you give away more of your book than any other author in your category, does that really make you a “bestseller” when nothing was actually sold?

Why You Should Avoid Amazon Bestseller Autobots and Bogus Author Gimmicks

There are a number of reasons you shouldn’t try to game the system. The most important is that you’ll never be able to say “I am an Amazon Best Seller” without knowing that you took a shortcut to do it.

Beyond personal morals, there are real-world consequences to these strategies:

  1. The Also Bought Matrix
    Whether you give your book away or enter into a group author agreement, the people downloading your book will not likely be in your target market. This will influence your “Also Bought” recommendations. The books that appear in this area will be books written by the authors in your group, or given away the same day as your title. It won’t accurately reflect the buying patterns of someone in your target market, and your book won’t appear in your target readers suggested list!
  2. Lack of Revenue
    If you’re giving your book away or selling it to your friends for .99 cents, how are you making any money? Enough said.
  3. Banned from Amazon
    Amazon will deactivate the accounts of authors who are gaming the system. They do it without warning – which means not only will your book be “Off-Sale” but you will also lose your personal access to the platform.

Watch the video above for full details.

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