John Bowen, a published author and the co-founder of AES Nation, sat down with Book Launchers founder, Julie Broad, to discuss how a book can market your business and create new opportunities.

As an author of 21 books, John Bowen was no stranger to the idea of using a book to achieve marketing goals. “It’s all about accelerating your success,” Bowen said.

3 Ways That Books Can Market Your Business

  1. You are a Perceived Expert.

    35% of the population has a degree, but only 1% have written a book. You may already be an expert in your industry, but when you write a book, everyone else begins to see you as an expert too. TV and radio interviews open up when you have literally written the book on your topic.

  2. Books are Never Thrown Away

    Books are powerful marketing tools. If you think about a business card, it is usually thrown away within a day. But a book is never tossed. It stays on bookshelves, you give them to friends, but you don’t toss them in the trash. That is lasting power!

  1. Books Can Generate New Business Opportunities

    When her book, More than Cashflow, was released in 2013, Julie found that she had no more trouble finding investors for her real estate business, suddenly they were finding her! John had a similar experience with his second book, “I had two business partners and someone read that book and bought our business for 25 million dollars!”

The Difference Between a Writer and an Author

When you think of writing a book for your business, do you think “but I’m not a writer!” You would not be alone. Very few people make a living by writing a New York Times Best Seller. However, as an entrepreneur you set out with a goal for your business or your brand and you’re writing a book to achieve that goal. You are using your knowledge and skills to become an author for your business.

“I don’t think of myself as a writer, but I have 21 books out there.”
– John Bowen

How to Get Started Writing a Book to Market Your Business

Once you decide a book is the right way to market your business, start by hiring a team. A team will help you define a unique hook and create a compelling outline. You can fill the outline with your knowledge and case studies. Then your team will edit and polish your book so you are proud to have your name on it.

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