Julie Broad, the self-published and Amazon best-selling author confessed her $1200 self-publishing mistake while on the Big Biz Show with Sully Sullivan and Russ T Nailz.

Book Launchers founder, Julie Broad hates to waste paper! If you’ve ever met her at one of our tradeshow booths, you’ll notice not an extra piece of paper is used. She hates to see paper thrown away! So when Julie self-published her Amazon best-selling book, More than Cashflow, her decision to save the trees led to her expensive mistake!

“So what was your mistake?” Sully Sullivan asked on The Big Biz Show.

“If you want your book in bookstores, it has to be returnable,” Julie explained. “The choices are return and destroy or return and send back to author.”

Not wanting her book to be destroyed and the paper wasted, Julie decided to have her book returned to her. Little did she know, there was an enormous cost charged per book to ship it back! The grand total came to $1200 in shipping and handling fees!

As a result, one little checkbox on Ingramspark led to a huge hit on her book commissions!

“What other self-publishing mistake do people make?”

Russ T Nailz asked about the other mistakes often seen in the self-publishing industry.

There were two additional mistakes Julie shared about self-published books. “First, I think the worst thing people do is write boring books,” she laughed. “Because you want people to be interested in reading your book!”

The second mistake, she went on to explain, is that authors don’t invest time and money in getting the details right. It doesn’t look professional if there are typos, layout issues, or a bad cover.

The full interview is available in the above video.

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